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  Beginner - (36' Court, Foam or Low Compression Balls)

Players start on the 36' court with foam balls or larger low compression balls.  We even use balloons and bean bag balls to establish eye-hand coordination (see Gallery).

The court is 36'x18' and is laid out across a regular court.  As you can see, up to 4 beginner courts can be created on a single full size court.  (For competition, this court is limited to kids 8 and under).

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  Intermediate - (60' Court, Low Compression Balls)

Players now progress to the 60' court with low compression balls.  The singles court is 60'x21' and is played inside of a regular court.

For doubles, the dimensions are 60'x27', using the regular court singles lines as the doubles line.  (For competition, this court is limited to kids 10 and under).

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  Advanced - (Full Size Court, Full Sized Equipment)

Players move to the full-scale 78' court using regular tennis ball, racquet and net size.

Where are you located?
We have many teaching locations.  Please click here to see our most current locations.

Can SCT come to my courts?
Yes, SCT can come to your courts.  There needs to be a minimum of 6 players in the group.  Private lesson rates apply to groups smaller than 6.

How do I register my child for lessons?

Please visit the Registration page for information on Session Schedules and specials.

Do I need to purchase a racquet for my child or do you provide one?
We provide racquets for the children to borrow.  We prefer for the parents to wait to purchase a racquet
until we can measure your child for the proper racquet size.

Can I make up a session if I miss it?

Unfortunately, there will not be make up sessions for missed classes.

Can I be on the court with my child?
Once your child has entered the courts, please find a comfortable place to sit outside of the courts.  Be sure to bring a chair as some of our locations do not have seating.

What happens if I have a scheduling conflict and have to cancel?

What happens if I am late picking up my child after their session has ended?
Once the session is over, your child will have to leave the court so that the other sessions can begin.  We cannot be responsible for your child once their session has ended.  Your child will not be allowed to stay on the court for the next session due to safety concerns.  If your child has not been picked up and there are no more sessions afterwards, we cannot be responsible for your child.  If you have an emergency and cannot pick up your child, please call Coach Stephanie 678-643-9136 and let us know of your arrangements to have your child picked up.

Do you offer lessons other than 10 & Under?
Private lessons are available upon request at our facilities or yours.  Email us using the Contact Us form, let us know that you are requesting information about private lessons and we will be happy to see how we can help you out!

Do you provision make-up days for inclement weather?
Yes.  Please check our Facebook page for information about cancelled classes.

Where can I find more information on 10 & Under Tennis?
Official USTA web site
Official 10 & Under web site