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Welcome to Short Court Tennis!
Short Court Tennis is a tennis instruction company servicing the Grayson and Snellville areas of Gwinnett County, Georgia.  Our goal is to teach children to play the game of tennis, without all the hassles of learning on "adult courts".

Utilizing the USTA sanctioned the 10 & Under Tennis methodology, your child will learn how to play tennis faster and with more enthusiasm because the learning curve MUCH quicker than traditional lessons.

We don't drill the kids for hours and hours before playing games.  Kids get started playing right away.

Why we do what we do...
  • Two thirds of all new tennis players are children
  • 80% of all new players quit within the first year!  "most quit before they play their first game of tennis" says Kurt Kamperman (Master Teaching Professional)
  • Rapid learning curve.  Kids need immediate success to stay interested in the sport.  Using transition equipment will make each child successful from Day One
  • Martina Navratilova is confident that "a champion will be coming from this program!"

What is 10 & Under Tennis anyway?
10 & Under Tennis (originally called QuickStart Tennis) is a competitive play format that features modified equipment and courts to allow kids to actually "play" the game of tennis.  The United States Tennis Association (USTA) has modified six different variables: age, court size, net height, ball speed and weight, racquet length, and scoring.  Now, kids 10 and under can compete and play like the big kids.

The QuickStart method is not just for training children to compete, it's to TEACH them to play and LOVE the game!  Traditionally, tennis has been a difficult game to learn, especially for younger, smaller kids.  The ball bounces too high, the court is too large to cover, and kids are forced to use bigger rackets to make up for the strength difference.

Now with a smaller court, which can be indoor or outdoor, a slower ball, and appropriate racquets, kids can learn faster than ever before.  Instead of contacting the ball above their heads, they can hit the ball at their waist, allowing for a much better stroke.  Instead of barely getting to wide balls, they can actually get to the ball and control the direction.  This leads to the kids actually using strategy and tactics at a young age.

Children are broken up into age groups, which determine the size of court and equipment that will be used for instruction.  Depending on the age and experience, the balls, racquets and court sizes will vary.
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Updated: 2017-11-30
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